Thursday, October 10, 2013

Not Cool...Haul Seine on East Hampton Beach

Via New York Fly Fishing Online:

Thought this was illegal They pulled on two ends of the seine with winches mounted to pick up trucks the two ends of the net appeared to be gill nets but the center section of the net seemed to have smaller holes it is the green section that did not gill the fish bet corral-ed them, when i move East on the beach i ran into a Marine Patrol Officer that was parked on the sand having his break and asked him what he thought about the seine i said as long as they pull with one line it would be considered gill netting and thus legal. But when pulled with two lines in a horse shoe shape onto the beach it would be HAUL SEINING he said that that was how he saw it as well. With that conversation over i asked him if he was going to go there and confront them he said it was the Lester Family and that they find ways around the law. Bunch of **** is what i say!!!


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