Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 in Review and Looking Forward

So 2011 was an awesome year. A lot of shit went down, good and bad, but now its all behind. Looking in hindsight, some fish were caught, there lost, but thats just how it is. They call it fishing after all, not catching. As far as fishing trips go, nothing to huge was done, unfortunately. But, looking ahead, 2012 will be a good year. Not only am I planning on knocking a few species off my Fly Fishing Bucket List, but I've also got some good things coming up not only for the blog, but also for the fishing lifestyle.

Aside from fishing, my wife and I are going to be having our first baby in April and will be buying our first house sometime between now and then. Having a kid will be amazing, I'm super stoked and cannot wait for the little minion to come on out. Were keeping the gender a surprise but I've got my fingers crossed for a little dude, a new fishing partner. Either way, as long as its healthy, I'll be a happy man. When I think of buying my first place (with a fishing mindset), one thing comes to own personal office area aka Tying Room! I'm super pumped for all this magical year has to offer from a fishing point of view as well as a general outlook.

                                   Via Lo Fi Fly

My fishing resolution...To catch at least 6 fish off my bucket list and do it with at least one of my best friends around to share the memory with...

Here's to 2012, the year of the fish...

Feliz Año Nuevo...Morgan

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